How Our Optique House of Eyes Came To Be

Top-Quality Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Offerings Are Available at Our Greensboro Optical Shop

While the location has changed and ownership has passed on to future generations during the time our Greensboro glasses lab and store have been in operation, one detail that hasn't is our commitment to offering high-quality products. Our large optical shop allows us to showcase a wide variety of frames and sunglasses styles that offers a little something for everyone.

Whether your goal is functionality or style (or a combination thereof), you'll find it at House of Eyes in Greensboro, NC. We have all the name brands you'd expect at any other chain or independent eyeglasses shop in Greensboro (plus more!), including Maui Jim, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Ted Baker, Costa, and Puma, to mention a few. We also pride ourselves on maintaining fair pricing, just as our first-generation owners aimed to do when founding our optical shop decades ago.

Another detail that you may find refreshing is that here at House of Eyes, we focus on doing what we know we do best. We don't have an optometrist on site. You simply see your eye doctor and bring your prescription to us, and we help you select your ideal pair of glasses and make them for you. Our primary focus is ensuring you find the right pair of glasses that helps you see better and offering you the best possible selection without emptying your wallet. Our commitment to quality assurance is one of many reasons our customers keep coming back as their needs warrant.

Our expansive eyeglass frame selection aside, another attribute that makes House of Eyes stand out is our on-premise finishing laboratory. It allows us to turn out most single-vision lenses for your glasses on the same day. How many other Greensboro, NC eyeglasses shops offer such a fast turnaround on your new pair of glasses like we do? It's convenient in that it saves you from potentially waiting three weeks for your glasses to come back in and ideal in situations in which you might misplace or unexpectedly break your much-relied-upon eyeglass frames or lenses.

How Our Eyewear Shop in Greensboro Prioritizes Customer Service

One more detail that's remained a central focus during our Optique more than 40 years in business is our continued commitment to always putting customers first.

Our dedicated House of Eyes glasses shop customers know that they can count on us to reliably offer the following:

  • Competitive pricing: We accept limited insurance plans, which allows us to price our frames lower than our competitors

  • High-quality, stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses: The brands of eyeglasses frames and sunglasses we offer are comparable to or exceed our competitors, and our lenses are of superior quality to the rest

  • Competent expertise: All our Greensboro opticians are licensed and well-experienced in helping customers find their ideal pair of glasses

  • Fast service with a warm smile: We value your time, which is why we work as efficiently as possible when helping you select frames, aiding you in making lens choices, and taking care of eyeglasses fitting; however, we are always as thorough and attentive as you want us to be so that you're confident in your choice and have an overall optimal experience

Let our House of Eyes Team Be Your Optique

You've probably heard of Greensboro companies that rely on word-of-mouth marketing to get the word out about their brand instead of spending a lot of money on advertising. It takes a company that prioritizes integrity in all aspects of its business to do that.

We tend to think of our customers as billboards and the best advertisement. Thus, we put a lot of effort into ensuring they have the perfect frame and receive attentive care during each interaction we have with them.

Reach out to us or stop by our store so we can give you that same degree of care and attention if you're in the market for glasses in Greensboro, NC. We're confident you'll see that the way we do business at House of Eyes is a refreshing change of pace from what other eyeglasses shops offer anywhere else in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina.