Most Advanced Lenses in Greensboro.

We make our lenses in house.

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No matter your prescription, we will help you find the lenses that suit your everyday needs and lifestyle!

Single Vision

Lenses starting at $99

  • We offer a variety of SV lenses ranging from stock to digital to fit your everyday needs. Our experienced staff will advise on the lens materials and coatings to fit your lifestyle. Find out about our eyecare insurance options as well.


Lenses starting at $300

  • We believe quality matters, and when it comes to progressive lenses it is extremely important to get an HD lens that is good quality, with a wide reading area and low distortion. Shamir is the top leading lens designer on the market, offering technological advances not seen in other brands. Our top tiers the Shamir autograph III and the Shamir Intelligence will have you forgetting you even have a multifocal.


Lenses starting at $115

  • Traditional flat-top bifocals, blended round 22’s, occupational bifocals, we can advise you to choose the right fit, even offering options the big chains do not!